There are two categories of oral presentations: invited and contributed. Projection screens at the conference center will have a 16:9 ratio, in case you wish to optimize your presentation. All talks will be given from a shared computer (Windows or Mac) to ensure a smooth and rapid transition between presentations. We will support Powerpoint (2007 and up), and the latest versions of Acrobat Reader, Keynote, OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Note that we plan to make the presentations available online after the conference. In case you want to provide a censored version of your talk to go online, please notify the LOC during the conference. To upload your presentation version please login to ‘return to ADASS registration profile‘ from the main registration menu. The time allocations are as follows:

Time Allocation for Talks Allotted Time
Invited 25 min. + 5 min. Q&A
Contributed 12 min. + 3 min. Q&A

A Speakers Room will be located in the Café Chez Jacques in the Martini Plaza, indicated by signs. Here the speakers can check their presentations on the central laptops, make sure everything displays as expected, that all fonts are available etc. Only in exceptional cases will speakers be allowed to use their own laptops, and this must be cleared with the LOC at least two weeks before the conference.

All speakers are urged to upload their presentations to their personal registration pages on this site, at least two days in advance. If this is not possible, the speakers should bring their presentation on a USB stick or laptop to the Speaker Room, at least one day in advance. Please include the date and surname of the presenter in the title of your file, e.g. ‘June 15 Smith.ppt’.

When using external media, like movies or sounds, make sure they are on the same data stick.
Videos can best be inserted in WMV format in PowerPoint. Note that other video formats may cause problems. It is also important to keep these WMV files separately on a USB stick.