With the advance of digital photography and social media, respecting the privacy of people is becoming more challenging. To make ADASS 2019 a comfortable and safe experience for everyone, we provide a short photography policy here which we encourage every participant to read.

If you object to have your picture taken:

  • Participants who object to having their picture taken and distributed online (website, social media, etc.) can obtain a red sticker at the registration desk. The sticker can be put on the conference badge such that photographers can see that they should not take (close-up) pictures of you without your consent.
  • Please try to wear your badge such that the sticker is visible at all times during the conference.
  • If, despite the sticker, a picture is taken of you without your consent, please feel free to approach the photographer and kindly ask them to remove the picture from their camera. In the unfortunate event that a picture of you does make it to the public domain (website, social media, etc.), then please notify the photographer or a LOC member as soon as possible so that we can try to remove the picture.
  • Since ADASS 2019 is a large conference with ~350 participants, please understand that we cannot fully avoid that you will appear in the background of a picture or in overview pictures of large groups on our ADASS website or social media. We also cannot control pictures made by other participants.

If you want to take pictures:

  • Please respect each other’s privacy. People wearing a red sticker have indicated that they either do not want pictures of them to appear publicly on Internet or not to be taken at all. Therefore, do not take (close-up) pictures of them without their explicit consent.
  • Even if a person is not wearing a red sticker, it would be kind to ask whether they want to be a subject in your picture.
  • Clearly communicate your intentions when you take a (close-up) picture. Is the photo for private use or for social media? Please kindly accept it when people refuse to be in your picture or when they request the photo not to be distributed online.
  • If someone asks you to remove a particular picture in which they are featured from your camera or your social media account, then please do that as soon as possible.

During the conference, there will be two official photographers: Antonia Rowlinson and Jelle de Plaa. They are members of the LOC (see https://www.adass2019.nl/about-us/loc/) and will be recognizable as such. The pictures they make are intended for social media, the conference web site and other publications. They will try to take pictures at the conference conforming to the policy above on a best effort basis. Feel free to approach them with questions and or remarks about this policy.