We have developed an Android and IPhone App that will help you with all kinds of choices to make during the ADASS XXIX conference. This app provides live information on the oral and poster program, invited and regular participants, booths, the venue and social events during the conference. There is also a push messages functionality in the app, which will popup an information message upon a ADASS XXIX LOC newsflash or organizational message (also visible on the web site under Home -> News).

The App can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Go to the store appropriate for your phone or pad and type in the search box ‘ADASSXXIX’. The first hit will be the ADASS XXIX app. Or:


If you have an Andoid phone but doe nat have a Google (Play) account, you can download the apk file here.

Example pages from the App


The main window gives you direct access to all elements of the App.
Using the more button even more facilities can be accessed.
The first item next to home gives access to the program, conveniently separated in day tabs. Upon first opening you see that a swipe actions gives options to save to favorites or to your personal Calendar.
The swipe opens buttons for saving the oral presentation to the App favorites or to your personal Calendar.
After selecting favorites, that oral presentation is then listed under the favorites tab.
Clicking on the oral presentation item the abstract of that presentation will be shown. Here you can either download the PDF (if available), save to favorites or share through social media.
The next icon on the bottom row gives you access to the participants list, where upon opening the list of invited speakers is shown. Clicking on one of them opens their oral contribution information and abstract.
The tab All gives the full participants list. Quick jumping can be done by clicking the black button and expanding the alphabet. Clicking a letter brings you to participants who’s last name start with that character.
The next button on the bottom row takes you to the Poster program which is a rather long scrollable list of items. The poster list is organized by ADASS key theme. Each theme has its own color.
To quickly get access to your poster of interest you can type in a search string in the top search box and the poster list will be filtered accordingly.
It is also possible to filter on the themes by clicking the top-right sliders icon. Upon start all themes are selected. This filter also applies to the oral program pages.
From the more button you can get to the Booth overview where all Demo Booths are listed.
Clicking one of the Demo Booth list items opens the abstract view for that booth.
The one-but-last button from the button row takes you to the venue information with a google location map and a link to the nearby restaurants.
Finally the Events button opens the list of social events associated with the ADASS XXIX conference. The information includes google locations maps and points to the ADASS web site for more information.