During the ADASS conference, for the BOF sessions, we have made available a live chat facility based on the open source version of Slack, named MatterMost. During each BOF you are given a sign on link that allows you, for the first time, to create an account on the MatterMost server. You will be automatically assigned team membership for that BOF number.

For a detail User Guide we refer you to the MatterMost Documentation site.

MatterMost also has apps for all kinds of appliances, your favorite app download is here.

First time sign up

During the BOF session you will see the login urkl for that BOF in the abstract session of the BOF. That url will bring you to the sign up form. Enter your email address and choose a login name and password. Note: all communication is over https, so it is a secure connection to the server.

Once logged in you will be presented the main window indicating to which BOF session you have assigned and possibly already a chat history by other members of the team.

Joining other BOFs

When you sit in on another BOF you will also be given their first sign up url. However, since you are already a user of the bof.adass2019.nl mattermost facility you do not have to user that BOFs sign on url, you just go to https://bof.adass2019.nl and login with your existing account:

Then from the main window ‘hamburger menu’ you can choose to join another bof:


Once another BOF has been selected you will get an extra left menu with the listing of joined BOF’s: