Oral Abstract

Invited talk (I8.1) Juan Gonzalez-Nunez (European Space Astronomy Centre)

Theme: Open data access/provisioning

Maximising data reach: bringing the Gaia dataset to the world

With upcoming data exploitation tools and techniques, data publishers shall seek and push their datasets to those new environments where Research is happening.

Throughout Gaia Data Release 1 and 2, the ESA Gaia Archive has played a relevant role in the widespread adoption of certain Open protocols across the astronomical community. It also has actively contributed and pursued the creation of libraries and tools in disruptive frameworks.

In addition, the Gaia DPAC consortium has established a network of partner data centres, encouraging the creation of mirrors in different platforms and data centres.
These conditions have enabled to enhance the openness of Gaia data by not only being open, but actually ubiquitously available.

We will bring an overview of the current Gaia data dissemination status, lessons learnt through Data releases 1 and 2 and future plans for DR 3, including the evolution of Data Models in compliance with Open standards.