Oral Abstract

Birds of a Feather Discussion (B8) Giuliano Taffoni (INAF - OATs)

Science platforms: towards data science.

co-authors: G. Lemson, Z. Meyer, M.Molinaro, D. Morris, A. Schaaff

A Science Platform is a web based environment providing advanced functionality to analyze and process large and complex datasets close to the data. Science platforms allow users to bring their own customized processing to the data and facilitate sharing of results and workflows with other researchers or projects.
Building such a platform poses substantial technological challenges in the identification and staging of existing data collections for analysis;
in the identification and application of software tools and packages for data processing and bringing custom workflows to the platform; in taking advantage of the underlying HPC and HTC computing infrastructure to execute those workflows; and finally in the interoperability of different platforms, allowing tools to be shared between them transparently.
Are we ready to develop and use such astronomical science platforms? Which are the projects or experiments that my benefit from them? What platforms are already available for astronomers?
This BoF session will examine the state of the art and future perspectives involving data centers, computing centers or astrophysical projects. Sign on url: