Poster Abstract

P11.11 Tadafumi Takata (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

Theme: Other

Fast search and real-time inputs of big astronimical catalogs by the new generation relational datab

Renent systematic wide field imaging surveys, by the optical and near infrared ground based
observatories, lead the continuous expansions in amount of astronomical data. Especially,
the large catalogs, which contains information on huge number of astronomical objects, can
be produced effectively by the evolution in data pipeline software. Therefore we need the database software which can complete in short time on such catalogs, and also enabling fast data inputs to them.
We've begun the project to develop the next generation relational database by using open source
softwares(OSS), which is basically supported by the new technique called as HTAP(Hybrid transactional/analytical processing). Our fina goal of this project is realizing the fast search of catalogs produced on each exposures of Subaru telescope's Hyper Suprime-Cam data, and real-time data inputs on them.