Poster Abstract

P4.1 Emanuel Ramirez (Quasar Science Resources)

Theme: Data visualisation from line plots to augmented & virtual reality

Towards a new Astronomical Data Analysis Workflow: A Virtual and Augmented Reality approach.

Virtual Reality offers an exciting new way to interact with multidimensional data. At the ESAC Science Data Centre we continue to develop new techniques to analyse astronomical data in a true 3-Dimensional form.
We’ve worked on bringing Gaia's unprecedented 3D map of our milky way galaxy to a Virtual environment and allowing the use of your hands to make data analysis feel more natural.
Although immersion and attractive visualisations can be provided by Virtual Reality headsets, we believe the future of data analysis lies in Augmented Reality.
Augmented Reality uses holographic models of the data which you can place in your regular office environment, allowing for multitasking and use of traditional 2D apps in combination with all the benefits of 3D holographic models at the reach of your hands.
In this presentation we will show some of the improvements made to our application and an overview of the changes made in order to bring it into an Augmented Reality space.