Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O8.2) Anastasia Galkin (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP))

Theme: Open data access/provisioning

Daiquiri - Python based framework for the publication of scientific databases

At Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) we host, curate, and publish terabytes of astrophysical data using the Daiquiri framework. Dedicated web applications allow scientists from all around the world to run SQL queries and get their desired data in reasonable time. In the last two years, Daiquiri was completely re-written in Python and received major updates - upload of VOTables, VO TAP access and many more features. Daiquiri has been developed in close cooperation with scientists and with support for collaborations in mind.

The key features of Daiquiri provide access to SQL databases. Daiquiri supports public and restricted data access. To name a few modules of Django Daiquiri - user management, project workshops, Wordpress integration, queue management (with celery/rabbitmq), a query parser (ADQL to PostgreSQL or MySQL), metadata management including DOI registration. All components are Open Source software and available on GitHub.

A short overview over the running applications and new features will be given.

These themes will be explained in detail:
- Data curation - from the folder in the home directory to the published scientific data product.
- Scientific project support - dedicated web applications, collaboration user management.
- Technology behind the framework - Python, Django framework, Celery/RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, WordPress, Docker
- Supercomputing and E-Science AIP: http://escience.aip.de
- Django Daiquiri on Github https://github.com/django-daiquiri/
- Queryparser on Github https://github.com/django-daiquiri/queryparser
Scientific DBs:
- Gaia@AIP https://gaia.aip.de/
- APPLAUSE https://www.plate­-archive.org
- RAVE https://www.rave-survey.org/
- MuseWIDE https://musewide.aip.de/