Oral Abstract

Birds of a Feather Discussion (B4) Vanessa Moss (CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science)

Forming a global network for communication between astronomical observatories

In this session, I would like to bring together participants of ADASS2019 representing operations at observatories around the world, in order to share experiences in observatory operations. It would be good to have people representing as many different observatories as possible to get the broadest range of experiences. I would like people attending to offer examples of the challenges faced by their observatory, as well as successes in terms of innovative operations. Every observatory does things a little (or a lot) differently, so this BOF session would be a nice platform here to learn from each other and form the basis of what could be a very useful global network of contacts at observatories around the world in order to continue learning from each other going into the era of next-generation instruments.
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