Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O2.3) Pierre Fernique (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg - CDS)

Theme: Multi-wavelength astronomy

Connecting space and time in a multi-messenger landscape: STMOC behind the scene

In the multi-messenger era, connecting data from different missions is of utmost relevance. We present a new approach which allows users to produce, navigate and operate space-time coverages of any type of data: Space-Time Multi Order Coverage (STMOC). The IVOA standardised MOC system is now well established for spatial footprint coverage, and the same principles have been used to define a temporal footprint coverage (TMOC). Until now, these two types of coverages were independent, and so their usage was limited to either space or time. But there is a clear need to connect both time and space into a unique coverage to respond the question: "where and when?". The new STMOC coverage system enables us to answer that question in few milliseconds for any data collection. This paper will present the scientific rationale for the STMOC as well as the techniques employed to enable fast production, visualisation and operations on image collections and catalogues using their STMOC.