Oral Abstract

Lightning talk (L11) François Bonnarel (CDS ObAS CNRS Université de Strasbourg)

Theme: Open data access/provisioning

(P2.6) Implementation feedback of the IVOA Provenance data model

M.Louys, F. Bonnarel, D.Durand, A. Egner

The IVOA Provenance Data model defines entities, agents and activities as container classes to describe the provenance of datasets, with the executed tasks and responsibilities attached to agents. It also provides a set of classes to describe the activities type and their configuration template, as well as the configuration applied effectively during the execution of a task.
Here we highlight lessons learned in the implementation of the CDS ProvHiPS service distributing provenance metadata for the HST HiPS data collections, and for the HST archive original images used to produce the HiPS tiles.
ProvHiPS is based on the ProvTAP protocol, the emerging TAP standard for distributing provenance metadata. ProvTAP queries may rapidly become very complex.
Various graph representation strategies, including ad hoc solutions, triplestore and SQL Common Table Expressions (CTE) have been considered and are discussed shortly.