Oral Abstract

Birds of a Feather Discussion (B1) Chenzhou Cui (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Education and public outreach in the era of Big Data science

Authors: Giulia Iafrate and Chenzhou Cui

With the development of many big science astronomical projects, for example CTA, EUCLID, FAST, GAIA, JWST, LSST, SKA, etc. and large scale simulations, astronomy has become a Big Data science. Astronomical data is not only a necessary resource for scientific research, but also a very valuable resource for education and public outreach (EPO), especially in the era of Internet and Cloud Computing.
New technologies (i.e. Virtual Reality) are now available, allowing innovative and fashnating ways to present science to general public and schools.
Moreover, recently the IAU has approved the DAEPO (Data Driven Astronomy Education and Public Outreach) WG as a commission working group, under the host commission Division B Commission 2 (B2).
This proposed BoF has the major objective to discuss the value of astronomy data in EPO, the advantages and benefits of data driven EPO, and the challenges facing data driven EPO. The need for software services and/or computing services for EPO uses will be discussed as well. Best practices of data driven EPO will be shared also.
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