Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O9.5) Emmanuel Bertin (IAP)

Theme: Data processing pipelines

The SExtractor++ software

We present SExtractor++, a new open source software package for detecting and measuring sources in astronomical images. SExtractor++ is a complete redesign of the original SExtractor software with many advanced features. The code is written in C++ and follows a fully modular approach for all the subsystems, including filtering, segmentation, deblending and measurement. The modular design facilitates to extend the capabilities of the software by the community or the individual user. Source analysis can be carried out simultaneously over a large number of FITS frames with different pixel grids, by taking advantage of WCS header information. SExtractor++ features a multi-channel, multi-epoch, multi-object model-fitting module, which is extensively configurable using Python constructs to address a vast range of astrophysical problems.While SExtractor++ is being developed in the context of the Euclid satellite projects, it is distributed as an independent package. A beta version of the package is available for testing purposes.