Oral Abstract

Focus Demo (F4) Gijs Verdoes Kleijn (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen)

WISE information systems

WISE astronomical information systems, with hardware spread over Europe, integrate for its users data archiving, processing, quality control and scientific analysis in a single environment. The system architecture links these activities together through a living, raw-to-final archive, instead of multi-tier system. The backward chaining back to the initial raw data for all data processing steps, including the input, output, and the software code used is feasible thanks to a data-centric approach.
In this demo we highlight WISE aspects relevant for the following conference themes:
* Open data access and provisioning
* Local and global infrastructure for processing and storage
* Data processing pipelines
* Data visualisation
* Data science
WISE was developed initially to create AstroWISE for OmegaCAM at the VLT Survey Telescope by a consortium led by OmegaCEN. AstroWISE became operational in the early 2000s. Since then the WISE technology is being used for optical integral field spectroscopy (MuseWISE), radio astronomy (LOFAR archive), the Euclid Data Processing System, and the upcoming MicadoWISE system for the MICADO consortium. After a short introduction talk, the developers of Astro-WISE, MuseWISE and MICADO are available for guided tours through their information systems.