Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O3.5) Xiuqin Wu (NED-IPAC, Caltech)

Theme: Evolution of software development and management

Experience in software development and management

Software development has evolved over years, from single person writing code to a group of developers collaborating on a project; from simply using copies of code as version managements to using version control software like cvs, svn, git; from using a list to track features and bugs to using issue tracking systems like GNATS, Jira; from using simple cc and make to using ant, Jenkins to build the system.

I have experienced all of the above in my 30 years of software development career, from being the sole developer to being team manager of 5 to 10 developers. In this talk, I will speak about the wonders of progress in version control and issue tracking systems, lessons learned in managing a team transition from one system to another, instituting the code review process, and the benefits of automatic build for branch testing.