Oral Abstract

Birds of a Feather Discussion (B6) Martin Vogelaar (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)

Teaching our students astro computing

Organizers: Martin Vogelaar and Peter Teuben.

Abstract: This BoF proposes to discuss the state in our field how our students learn "astro computing". We will define what we mean by "astro computing", as 10 years ago this was something different from what it should be today. You could ask yourself, learning it in trenches during a research project, or internship, was this sufficient? Would an undergraduate class have helped? Should we also consider an advanced graduate style class? The organizers will start off presenting their classroom experiences, and we invite others to submit (or present) slides summarizing their experiences. The BoF will then open the floor for discussion, and the organizers look forward to writing this up for the proceedings.
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