Booth Abstract

Demo Booth (D2) Helmut Kroyer (ETM professional control GmbH)

WinCC Open Architecture - SCADA Software used by ASTRON, CERN, CNAO and 100 other Scientific Institutes

ASTRON uses WinCC Open Architecture to operate LOFAR & WESTERBORK Radio Telescopes.
* One system which monitors everything from Power / Environmental control / Cabinets / Software / Firmware / Data Streams / Observations / Network / Transient Buffer Boards / etc.
* Turn on/off tiles and antenna’s, stop observations, filter Historic data
* Quick and accurately see >100.000 data points, Alarming / Trending
* Allows own design / build hardware and drivers
* System access from anywhere from local stations / control-room / home

WinCC Open Architecture features:
* Object orientation
* Scalability - from one single board computer to hundreds distributed, redundant high-end systems with more than 10 million tags
* Multi-Platform support - Windows, Linux, iOS and Android
* High level of system reliability and availability by means of Hot-Standby Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
* Openness - in terms of connectivity and openness for customer-specific solutions