Booth Abstract

Demo Booth (D9) J. B. Raymond Oonk (SURFsara)

Accelerating scientific discovery in Astronomy with high-end IT solutions by SURF

SURF is the national Supercomputing and Networking centre for Scientific Research & Education in the Netherlands ( During ADASS we will present you with information on SURF and share our latest developments in the fields of high performance computing, hardware accelerators, Quantum computing, Cloud native solutions (e.g. PaaS, IaaS, Kubernetes), data management and high speed network.

At our demo booth we will show-case a proof of concept on "how to build user-friendly Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs)". These DTNs are a solution for fast and efficient transport of large data sets over long distances. Hence, DTNs will be a key ingredient in establishing the Research Data Zones (RDZs) that are required by the Exascale data challenges posed by the next generation of astronomical instruments, such as the Square Kilometre Array.

During ADASS 2019 we hope to welcome many of you at our booth!